EPR Rubber Splicing Tape


A high voltage splicing tape made of premium self-amalgamating EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) which possesses excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties. It is highly conformable, non-vulcanizing and yields a uniform, void free build up. #9976EPR is widely used as insulation for low-voltage applications as well as insulation for splices for up to 69,000 volts. Compatible with all extruded cables with a joint, it is also flame retardant with excellent moisture, corrosion and chemical resistance.


#9976EPR is used for primary electrical insulation for splicing cables up to 69,000 volts on all solid di-electric cables and for building stress cones and jacketing of terminations on power cables from 600 volts through 35,000 volts. It is also commonly used to protect Busbars and joints and for moisture sealing of electrical connections.


3M 23

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