Butyl Mastic Electrical Insulation Tape


A high tack, self-fusing black butyl mastic typically used for wrapping water and humidity resistant seals. It is an excellent sealant with superior adhesion to cable jackets, metals, rubbers and synthetic cable insulations. It maintains its tack and flexibility at temperatures as low as -18ºC (0ºF), has high conformability over irregular surfaces and is extremely well suited for corrosion protection applications.


#9720BM is used as water and humidity sealant for high voltage cable splice, for termination accessories and for insulating electrical connections rated up to 1000 volts. It can be overwrapped with vinyl tape to create a complete weatherproof seal with excellent resistance to environmental factors such as water, dust particles, ultraviolet and sunlight over a wide range of temperatures.


3M 2212, 3M 2229, 3M Scotchfil ™ Putty

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