PTFE Teflon Glass Cloth Tape


A brown coloured woven glass cloth impregnated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and coated with a high grade of silicon adhesive, creating a tape which provides a slick non-stick surface on process machinery and offers an extremely low coefficient of friction that performs at elevated temperatures. The glass cloth reinforced backing provides greater tensile strength than typical PTFE film backed tapes. #4813SI is excellent in resisting chemicals and performs well in many humid environments as it has very low moisture absorption.


Easy-release, low friction surface on heat sealing and packaging equipment; Mould release surface in composite bonding; Lining conveying chutes, troughs and ducts; Covering rollers, drums, turnbars & formers on stitchers, binders and other process machinery; High temperature bundling, Barrier for the separation of dissimilar parts.

Industry :

Backing PTFE Glass Cloth
Adhesive Silicon
Total Thickness 0.250mm
180° Peel Adhesion (SUS) 13.75 (N/25mm)
Tensile Strenght (at break) 600.0 (N/25mm)
Elongation (at break) 5%
Temperature Range -73°C to 260°C
Colour Brown
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